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Ui Precision was established as a precision steel stamping manufacture in 1959. Further with using accurate injection mold process developed with the precision stamping die technology we possessed, in 1986 we started a precision injection molding business with consistent process from mold-making to mass production of plastic products.

We have been involved with many innovative developments of major companies and contributed successes of the big projects such as the world first mobile audio cassette player. We continue to contribute problem-solving in any industry area – electronics, medical, automotive, agriculture, livestock farming, etc.

Contributions to the industrial world

- Customers’ benefits –

Contributing to performance innovation of customer products

- Innovative design through resinification -

We have a lot of experience of conversion conventional material into plastic with adding value, such as conversion from metal gears to plastic/polymer gears. We offer this material conversion (resinification) with effective designing and optimal material so as to make customer benefits in products performance and the QCD such as “lightening weight”, "integrating parts", "reducing sub-process of fabrication".

Contributing to quality improvement of customer products

The cornerstone of solution we offer is "making products more accurate that can settle given problems". Although phenomena such as warping or sink mark occur during cooling of molding which are difficult to be completely removed causes products inaccuracy, our advanced fabrication process including measurement feedbacking and making molds accurate contribute completeness of customers’ products by the accurate parts.

Contributing to customer lead-time

- Flexible and speedy process -

A critical path in time schedule from designing to prototyping/production in product development phase is usually parts provision. Our consistent process from mold-making to molding helps customer's schedule to minimize this lead-time/delay, even if design changes interrupt into the parts making.

Contribution to mass-production stability of customer products

Our commitments is “offer customers’ benefits though stably supplying precision and accurate parts by advanced molds/dies making” from the beginning of our company history. The greatest feature of our process is applying through-hardened bulk metal for molds/dies and fabricating them by EDM and wire-EDM. This is a key for distortionless molds/dies and it contributes stable QCD in long term production at customers.

Contributing to capturing demand of customer products

- - Satisfying increasing demand -

Our production capacity reinforced by standardization and automation daily proceeded has been satisfying customers of not only industry products but also consumer products such as smartphones monthly more than 10 million.

We surely offer the best solution to customers by our total capability and our best effort.
Video shows whole process from mold-making, molding to packing and inspection