Machines – EDMs, Wire EDMs, CNC Machining centers –

Our mold-making process described in “Technologies” is a key to produce hi-quality products with high productivity. Our precision & hi-performance equipment of electrical-machining play a part in mold-making with hardened materials.

Die-Sinker EDM [AQ35LR (Sodic)]

This Die-Sinker EDM uses linear motors direct-drive of each axis with high speed and accurate responsiveness. This fully performs EDM machining to make our hardened molds in precision.
*EDM: Electrical discharge machining, spark eroding

Wire-cut EDM [AP200 (Sodic)]

This WEDM uses oil dielectric, realizes making mold cores with smooth surface Ra0.2μm without using polishing process, and its machining accuracy is better than 1μm.

Wire-cut EDM <New> [AP250L (Sodic)]

Ultra precision and super fine processing wire cut electric discharge machine.
Achieve high quality processed surface quality in micro area.
Productivity is improved and stable mold manufacture becomes possible.

CNC Machining center [α-T21F (FANUC)]

This Machining center Robodrill has spindle speed 24,000rpm at max. We use this to make electrodes of Die-Sinker EDM described above.

Realizing ultra-fine processing by EDM

We are making electrodes and also making mold core pins for molding screws with using our unique fine EDM processing. “The technology of making inner screw core by fine EDM” has gotten an award “Frontier company of Tochigi-pref” in 2016.