Self verification ability of outputs like molds and products is essential for our quality assurance. Suitable instruments/analyzers for various products are provided in-house.

CNC 3D-Coordinate measurement machine [DuraMax (ZEISS)]

Single-point probing and scanning ability of DuraMax realizes fast geometrical verification of molds/products. In case of mold-making, results are used for guarantee of process and feedbacking dimensional control.

CNC 3D-Coordinate measurement machine [Crysta-Apex A707 (Mitautoyo)]

This measurement machine is being applied overall geometrical checking of molded products and molds.

Double flank gear rolling tester [GTR-4 (Osaka Seimitsu Kikai)]

This instrument gets “tooth-to-tooth error (rolling runout error)” of gears by checking rolling gear center distance. In our gear manufacturing, we evaluate tooth-to-tooth composite error quickly onsite and compensate mold dimension according to target gear grade. Molded gear grade upto JGMA grade 0 (*) is feasible.
(*) approximate AGMA Q-number 12~13, DIN grade 5~4

Roundness and Cylindrical Profile Measuring Instrument [RONDCOM 40A (Accretech/Tokyo Seimitsu)]

This instrument is being applied for quick verification of circularity and cylindricity in manufacturing cylindrical molds/products such as camera lens housing.