Whole process from prototype to mass-production is under exact management. Bugs of design and condition are fixed in prototyping so as to setup stable mass-production.

Electric injection molding machines [SE series (Sumitomo)]

Advantage of the electric injection machine is fast, accurate and fine control of molding cycle by servocontrol that helps production of parts with tighter geometric tolerance of micron.

Hydraulic Injection Molding Machines [Arburg GmbH]

In case of complicate design products, high power of the hydraulic injection molding with our unique designed screws is quite useful.

Monitoring System of Molding [SIGMAX]

Monitor cameras oversee details of motion of molding machines and form of molded products. This monitor system prevents failure of lines like “galling” or “remaining substance” in mold or and also prevents mixing any defect into post-processes such as “short shot”, “sink mark” and “deformation”.

Traverse Robots [Yushin]

Molding line has robot system from picking products up to putting them in package, by pick fingers/pads designed for each specified products so as to avoid scratches, dents, deformations.