Plastic as advanced alternative materials

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Resinification of optical disk player turntables

Geometrical accuracy of CD/DVD turntables manufactured in our history realized replacement of material from metal as a conventional material to plastic as an advanced material in that field.

In order to accurately read the information on the optical disk, it is necessary to maintain exact plane face runout which displacement allowance of 70 μm for CD players and 50 μm for DVDs, and for this reason machined metal was conventionally used for the turntable. We worked on resinification of the turntable specified to in-vehicle optical disk players according to customer's request such as lightening and cost-reduction.

We fabricated molds with high perpendicularity between the table coordinate plane and a central core pin/motor shafts by our unique mold-making and by geometry verification, and succeeded producing plastic turntables with 30 μm face displacement for CD player and also 25 μm for DVDs.

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