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Fabricate molds met to required accuracy through geometrical compensation

Our mold-making is based on EDM (electrical discharge machining) technologies for mold-shaping into hardened metal with accumulated knowhow in these 20 years and secured by "measurement & feedback"(*). Full processes from fabricating electrodes of EDM to completing molds are in our factory.

(*) An example of "measurement & feedback" is introduced at "Applications" as geometrical compensation of boxy housing case.

Advantage of mold-shaping into hardened metal

The hardened metal mold has high-hardness realizes durable molding process with keeping quality, and which must be applied for volume production.
Most of molding manufactures use pre-hardened or unhardened metal to machine molds and harden them after machining, however it involves dimensional shift that might cause serious error in products dimension or mold life.
On the other hand, the greatest feature of our process is applying hardened stainless steel for molds/dies and fabricating them by EDM (electrical discharge machining) and Wire-EDM. This is a key for distortionless molds and it contributes stable QCD in long term production at customers.

Fabricate precision inner-screw cores

Mold core making for inner-screw widely applied to precision positioning or others is our competent technology. We fabricate the cores with using "SKH51" (High-speed steel) by EDM, which can produce precision parts (*) made with glass-reinforced plastic.
(*)An example of the product is introduced as “Optimize screw torque” at "Application".

Design specified gear profiles

Optimizing mechanical parts design, especially gear design is available by experience and our CAD. Modification of gear profiles, lightening wheel (rim, hub, web) and applied material are considered in designing according to customer’s purpose.

Design and fabricate eco-friendly multi-cavity molds

Our products by multi-cavity have uniformity precisely corrected by EDM/Wire-EDM process with ensuring geometric uniformity among cavities so as to satisfy repeatability/reproducibility in high volume production.
At same time, narrow pitched allocation among cavities in a mold is an advantage of fabricate by EDM/Wire-EDM, and it not only realizes compact molding but also reduces volume of runner disposal eco-friendly.