Clean production for dust-free

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Contribution of clean production to customers

Requirements of dust-free/particle-free products/parts are increasing, in electronics area such as digital cameras and in area of medical.
Our clean products produced and packed in the specified injection molding process contribute customers’ assembly quality and removing customers cleaning process.

Our action for dust-free/particle-free

Dust-free products delivered to customers are realized not only by production depending on hardware such as clean-rooms but also by our team "KAIZEN" action for maintaining or improving cleanness.
Our continuous action is widely done for normal production outside of the clean-room so that our clean products more satisfy customers.

Automated clean packing process

Our molding line has robot system with pick fingers/pads designed for each specified product, automatically doing from picking up products to putting those to packages/bags, and it is also very effective for dust-free production.
This automated packing system also realizes sorting and packing every molded products of every cavity when customers request.