Secured mass-production

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Monitoring to prevent tools/products from trouble

The most important theme of automated continuous production is less trouble and recovering production before damage.
Our molding line continuously operated has monitor cameras that oversee details of motion of molding machines and form of molded products. This monitor system prevents failure of lines like "galling" or "remaining substance" in mold or and also prevents mixing any defect into post-processes such as "short shot", "sink mark" and "deformation".

Suitable designed pick-up heads

The pick-up heads must not affect any products quality while they directly touch molded parts. Our heads are designed and accurately machined suitable to each product design with considering every mold design and motion.

Full automation for quality viewpoint

Useful functions of the automation are being added while picking up products to packing, such as clean bagging, individual packing, counting and so on. Individual delivery of products per every cavity is also realized by our advanced automation.

Professional mold maintenance

Professional maintenance what is possible only by a mold manufacture is done onsite not only daily treatments such greasing or removing resin deposits but also sensitive detail overhauls.