Option of materials

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Choose optimal plastic material for specified application

Our knowledge of material based on experience of supplying products for various applications and purposes, and also further examining new materials by collaborating with resin manufacturers would be of help in realizing customer's product performance in any applications.


Nylon silent gears


Polyacetal gears

Ceramic reinforced Nylon

Fiber reinforced plastic turntables

Available common materials

Ceramic reinforced plastic gears

Available Material

Symbol; Description Marking Code Application Trade Name(example)
PA;polyamide >PA6-GF< Mechanical parts (gears) AMILAN®
  >PA66-GF< Mechanical parts (gears, cams) AMILAN®, Zytel®, Grivory®
  >PAMXD6-GF< In-vehicle camera cover Reny®
  >PA9T-GF<, >PA9T-MD< Mechanical parts (gears, bearings), electronic parts Genestar®, POTICON®
  >PA12< Mechanical parts (gears) DAIAMID®
PPA;polyphthalamide >PPA-GF< In-vehicle camera parts amodel®
PC;polycarbonate >PC<, >PC-GF<, >PC-CF< In-vehicle camera parts, digital camera parts Iupilon®, Panlite®
POM;polyacetal, polyoxymethylene >POM<, >POM-GF<, >POM-MD< Mechanical parts (gears, levers, cams, cases) DURACON®, Delrin®, TENAC™, Iupital®, POTICON®
PBT;polybutyleneterephtalate >PBT<, >PBT-GF< Mechanical parts (arms, cases, shafts) DURANEX®
PPS;Polyphenylenesulfide >PPS-GF< Mechanical parts (shafts), camera bases DURAFIDE®(FORTRON®), AMORVON®, CALP®, ,
m-PPE;modified-Polyphenyleneether >m-PPE-GF< Lens mirror bodies Zylon®, NORYL®
LCP;Liquid Crystal Polymer >LCP-GF+MD< Portable digital camera parts XYDAR®, LAPEROS®(VECTRA®)
PEI;polyetherimide >PEI< Optical device parts ULTEM™
PSU;polysulfone >PSU< Medical equipment parts Udel®
PPSU;polyphenylsulfone >PPSU< Medical equipment parts Radel®